Interview with Lindsay Johnson

I had the supreme honor to interview Lindsay Johnson, CEO and co-founder of and host of the wildly popular Youtube channel known as LiJo.

For those who don’t have time for the whole interview, the TL:DR version is below.

Why Did She Create is a platform that allows YouTube influencers to engage more effectively with their audiences. The problem Lindsay quickly found was that there was not a single platform that could integrate all the tools needed to be truly effective. Snugg integrates payment, video, and scheduling in one platform, which reduces the friction involved with 3rd party calendars, installing Zoom, and getting paid. Snugg is able to accomplish these objectives all in one place. To book Lindsay for the show, I actually used the platform myself. Pretty seamless!  

Advice for NT Females at Work

Generally speaking, the NT female struggles in corporate America, not because of their competence, but because their qualities are more masculine (eg. assertiveness, bluntness, drive, etc). I asked her if she had ever encountered this in the workplace, and Lindsay said she was lucky to have managers with Te (Extraverted Thinking), so they respected her straightforwardness and direct manner in meetings and with projects. 

She suspects that negative interactions or miscommunications were likely with those who possessed Fi (Introverted feeling) and Ti (Introverted Thinking). As with most NT (Rationals) types, she was not good with the pleasantries of the workplace (‘Good Morning” in emails; “What did you do this weekend?”). Her direct manner of responding in one line and hitting “Send” had to be consciously bred out of her. In Type development for the NT’s, being more tactful is a great place to start!


Emotional Intelligence vs. MBTI

There is a growing movement that advocates Emotional Intelligence as the best indicator for employment and career success. According to Lindsay, Typology is still a better holistic approach to assessing candidates rather than what they score on an Emotional Intelligence test. Scoring “well” on Emotional intelligence doesn’t mean you are done developing as a person. 

Jung, and many of his modern day predecessors (Nardi, Beebe, Berens, etc.) advocate for a lifelong development model based on cognitive functions, archetypes, and self-actualization. THAT is where the beauty of MBTI truly separates itself from the others, in that it has a path that is actionable for every Type. Unfortunately, that is not part of the modern day MBTI messaging, thus many people feel underwhelmed after going through a workshop.The corporate MBTI model is much different than the Jungian model- this is the main crux of the divide amongst Typologists. 

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John Beebe model of all 8 Jungian functions

When working with me, my clients experience the deepest dive possible into their personality, covering all facets of the tool to an extent that might, at first, seem overwhelming. My development model starts with a 5-week course that works macro-to-micro. What that means is we look at your Type from 10,000 feet and then gradually zoom into about 2 ft. Throughout the sessions, I provide actionable tasks to develop parts of your personality that we agree are “lacking” or are “blind spots.”

Creating Good Content

Lindsay discovered the key to creating great content lies in engaging her Fe function (AGAIN!).  She asked herself, “What do others actually want to see?” and “ How do I make it entertaining?” Most of us in the MBTI community are familiar with the great Frank James, who hilariously acts out each of the 16 types in various life scenarios. He is the inspiration for my own channel, even though he is a lowly INFJ. Love you Frank!!

Its your boy, Frank James

Lindsay, however, felt she could not give each of the Types justice by themselves. She felt there is simply too much to personalize to truly do each of the types correctly. So, she pivoted to something she DID know very well, and that is the 8 cognitive functions. Lindsay found that she could teach her audience, in a funny way, how each of the 8 cognitive functions work, and how one would realistically see them presented in life. Her trajectory in this regard has been remarkable to someone who watches all her videos.  

Thinking (T) Problems

Thinking types, for all their analytical and objective abilities, are often sorely out of touch with the emotional spectrum and what is generally well-received in society. When it comes to humor and timing, sometimes T’s don’t read the room all so well. As Lindsay points out, a logically funny joke, may not be well-suited during certain environments. As T types grow into their true Self, they learn to incorporate their F side for more harmonious interactions. 

Timing Jokes

Best MBTI Team

If Lindsay could pick 4 Types for a project–any project–what would they be? She says INTJ, ISTP, ENFJ, and ENTP. Interestingly, the ENFJ was specifically chosen to, once again, bring the human element to the team. That dastardly Fe function rears its head again! When you look at companies making massive strides today, Lindsay believes the Extraverted Feeling function is the reason why.

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