Why Your Personality Type Makes You Poor

An article from Visual Capitalist shows the data behind your MBTI type and financial success

Visual Capitalist, in partnership with one of my favorite personality websites, Truity.com, posted a very attractive-looking infographic with the headline, “How Does Your Personality Type Affect Your Income?” What it revealed was what many in the Type community, even going all the way back to Isabel and Katherine Myers, have already known. Certain personality types tend to make more money than others and it’s been true for as long as we’ve been measuring it.

Many will see this information and immediately rack their brain for someone who doesn’t fit this mold. A disadvantaged ENTJ and the super successful TikTok INFP celebrity exist, there’s no doubt about that. Time and time again, when we look at the average and not the outlier, we see the same personality types making it to the top financially.

ENTJs make the most; INFPs the least

It’s not a surprise to anyone that studies personality type that the 2 types with dominant Extraverted Thinking (Te), the ENTJ and ESTJ, make the most $$$. And the Types that have the opposite dominant function, Introverted Feeling (Fi), make the least $$$, that of the INFP and the ISFP. 

The data also shows a simplified breakdown that tells us that Thinking types disproportionately outearn Feeling Types in nearly the same gap as Extraverts outearn Introverts (by nearly $10k/year)

This isn’t new information that shakes the foundation of Type and Income. It’s been studied, replicated, and observed since the beginning of Typology. 

The way in which the Western world developed was primarily through -STJ and -NTJ energy. Building, growing and maintaining through hard work, determination, and unlimited willpower. You can see the same quest for dominance, power, and status that existed within Caesar and Napoleon as you do in the personality types that run the world today.

In a very simplistic way, it’s a self-perpetuating system that has yet to find an alternative. 

Your Personality Type Doesn’t Limit You

What’s crucial to note is that you aren’t stuck or confined to a life of poverty or despair because of your Type. This is absolutely the wrong way to look at it. Knowing where you can make the most impact in your community, family, and world is how you embrace the best parts of your personality and kick ass. Making money doesn’t equal value. That is the message that everyone should understand while reading this study:

“Some Types make more money. The End.”

Are the ENTJs and ESTJs happy? This is unaccounted for. We know that money provides comfort and stability, but does it provide fulfillment? Are they doing anything of value to push humanity forward? We can only speculate the answer to these questions.

three men and one woman laughing during daytime

Each personality type has the same ability to make a huge impact on the world. The fact that some make more money than others is hardly the only metric to showcase this.

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