LinkedIn Poll: Where do you get your energy from?

My LinkedIn poll completely surprised me

LinkedIn poll results

I had a completely biased viewpoint going into this poll. My expectations were aligned with what David Keirsey, author of Please Understand Me, concluded was society’s breakdown of Introverts vs Extraverts, which was 75% Extravert, 25% Introvert. For those that didn’t see my intention, this was my attempt at figuring out which people in my network were I’s and E’s.

However, the results were completely mirrored from what Mr. Keirsey found to be true. 76% Introvert and 24% Extravert?!!

How did this happen?


Some excellent comments need to be highlighted which shed some light on the results, and my errors in the framing of the question.

“Could it be that because you are introverted, the people in your network are also introverted and the results are coming out that way for that reason?”

“I wanted a “both” option, because it depends on how the week went. Sometimes alone time is required, other times, I want to hang out and chat or have a beer.”

“I think it’s dependent on who the other person is. Some people are draining, take your energy without giving any back or they deflect it.

“It might be good to add another option for extroverts that aren’t social, as what fundamentally recharges them is stimulation that triggers the rewards center of the brain and generates dopamine, that can come from others, but it doesn’t necessarily have to either.”

I am BOTH. It depends on what type of recharge I need.”

“I am on the I/E bubble. I can recharge alone OR with a close family member/friend.”

It’s a pretty small sample size. That said, perhaps there’s a bias that more introverted people respond to such written surveys about such things.”

Option 3

Following in the Jungian spirit, my goal was to force an answer in order to get clear results and weed out the fence-sitters. What happened in reality was an overwhelming call for a 3rd option that centered around being “Both, depending on the situation.”

This reaction makes sense, in that nobody can be completely Introverted or Extraverted unless they are in a deep state of mental illness. What I find interesting about the results is the fact that so many respondents needed to clarify why they chose a certain answer, as if choosing a side was somehow limiting or putting them “in a box.”

(Possible) Errors in my poll

Here are some of the faults in my poll:

  • It’s not a representative sample size because my reach is limited to my network
  • 199 respondents is not a large enough data set to get an accurate measure on an entire population
  • Self-reporting is historically inaccurate
  • Introversion vs Extraversion is the hardest dichotomy to force a clear answer


Though this was not a scientifically validated poll, there are takeaways that should be considered relevant on an anecdotal level.

People are dynamic creatures that adapt and change in specific environments and to various stimuli. Thus, trying to force a binary response will be a mixed bag of results, especially when there is not a 3rd option that allows for a “Both, depending on the situation” type answer.

As I mention in my discussions around MBTI and personality, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your Type, and everyone has gifts to share that are highly individualized. Embrace them!

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Personality Tests are a Scam

You cannot improve yourself

Here’s what I know: personality tests are a scam.
Look, you are perfect as you exist right now.
There is no possible way you can improve. You cannot improve your communication with your spouse, or your colleagues, or your boss.
Everything right now is perfect.
So, if anybody comes to you and says,
“You know, if you take the MBTI assessment, you might fix some of the blind spots you have” that is a total scam. Don’t believe it!
Look, everything you’re doing right now cannot be improved.
You have reached the peak performance of your life.
So, don’t believe the hype around “personality tests.”

Joe Arrigo’s Etsy Store!

File:Etsy logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

As part of my personal growth as an INTJ, I decided to embrace the lesser known artistic/creative side of my personality.

In doing so, I started an Etsy store focusing on MBTI art. Right now, I am making wall art made out of either metal or glossy poster paper.

The theme is quotations from the most well-known and revered people within that specific type. My only regret is that I did not start an Etsy store sooner!

This personal project will be ongoing.

Reach me at:

ENTJ’s in the Workplace

The ENTJ in the workplace is an absolute beast of action, competency, and pure will. Working alongside the ENTJ can be both a privilege and a curse depending on the circumstance. Get in the way, prepare to be bulldozed; work as a diligent teammate/manager, reap untold rewards.

Here are my tips for working with and managing the ENTJ:

  • Make sure the reasoning for a task, project, or deliverable makes practical sense. The ENTJ needs a rational reason to do something, or you will get minimal buy-in.
  • Allow them the straightest path to the finish line. What I mean by this is, don’t create roadblocks (needless administrative or busy-work tasks, meetings, red-tape, etc.) that derail their efforts. Like all NT types, inefficiency is a sin and will be ruthlessly criticized.
  • Get their opinion on how things are going –if they haven’t already given it. As an iNtuitive type, they will have a vision of the future path for your company, so make sure that their vision is heard.
  • Understand that they have a natural inclination to lead. They love a strong, competent leader, but if they view you as lacking in ability, they will quickly shift their mindset to, “I will have to start taking charge now.”
  • Expect that any question of their competency, performance, or motivation will be met with a stern rebuke. ENTJ’s are hyper-aware of when they aren’t performing or when they are crushing it. The mindset that allows them massive success is also the one that tells them they “can do better” and “need to try harder!”

ENTJ – Conclusion

Overall, it’s an honor to work with an ENTJ if you are so lucky. The best way to utilize them is to give them the tools they need to succeed, get out of the way, and watch them dominate whatever role they are in. Stifling them with bureaucracy will only diminish the return you get on the ENTJ, which can be tricky for large enterprises as it comes with the territory.

created by Joe Arrigo

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