ENTJ’s in the Workplace

The ENTJ in the workplace is an absolute beast of action, competency, and pure will. Working alongside the ENTJ can be both a privilege and a curse depending on the circumstance. Get in the way, prepare to be bulldozed; work as a diligent teammate/manager, reap untold rewards.

Here are my tips for working with and managing the ENTJ:

  • Make sure the reasoning for a task, project, or deliverable makes practical sense. The ENTJ needs a rational reason to do something, or you will get minimal buy-in.
  • Allow them the straightest path to the finish line. What I mean by this is, don’t create roadblocks (needless administrative or busy-work tasks, meetings, red-tape, etc.) that derail their efforts. Like all NT types, inefficiency is a sin and will be ruthlessly criticized.
  • Get their opinion on how things are going –if they haven’t already given it. As an iNtuitive type, they will have a vision of the future path for your company, so make sure that their vision is heard.
  • Understand that they have a natural inclination to lead. They love a strong, competent leader, but if they view you as lacking in ability, they will quickly shift their mindset to, “I will have to start taking charge now.”
  • Expect that any question of their competency, performance, or motivation will be met with a stern rebuke. ENTJ’s are hyper-aware of when they aren’t performing or when they are crushing it. The mindset that allows them massive success is also the one that tells them they “can do better” and “need to try harder!”

ENTJ – Conclusion

Overall, it’s an honor to work with an ENTJ if you are so lucky. The best way to utilize them is to give them the tools they need to succeed, get out of the way, and watch them dominate whatever role they are in. Stifling them with bureaucracy will only diminish the return you get on the ENTJ, which can be tricky for large enterprises as it comes with the territory.

created by Joe Arrigo

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