LinkedIn Poll: Sensation vs. iNtuition

What I thought was an Intuitive vs. Sensor question, took a drastic turn!

I’ve been running a series of LinkedIn polls in order to gather my own data of the population, and to see where people fit into the 4 different dichotomies within the MBTI world.

The 4 Jungian dichotomies

My most recent poll was attempting to see whether my audience preferred Sensing or iNtuition when it came to viewing a piece of artwork.

I gave 3 options, due to the fact that in my previous poll, the audience feedback was overwhelming in support of a 3rd option.

Poll Question

When I look at a painting, I concentrate on…

  • The details of the artwork
  • The meaning of the artwork
  • The feeling it evokes

Option 1 was for the Sensors, Option 2 was for the iNtuitives, and Option 3 was actually a Feeling answer, which was outside the scope of what I was wanting for this poll.

The fact that Option 3, “The feeling the artwork evokes,” won the day, is likely due to the fact that I should not have given that answer as an option because of course art will ALWAYS evoke emotions within the viewer.

If we just concentrate on the S vs N answers (Options 1 and 2), there is only a slight preference for Sensation when it comes to how one views art and, in the broader sense of psychology, how one prefers to take in information. This is not in line with how the general population breaks down, and these would be considered abnormal results.

From this article, and other research supporting it, society is 75% S and 25% N.


My conclusion is that I did not follow in the footsteps of the MBTI “forced-choice model” and thus skewed my results completely. There are always going to be cases where a person will use both Sensation or iNtuition when looking at something or viewing data.

The point that needs to be understood and, most importantly, explained better by MBTI Practitioners like myself, is that we are simply looking at what you prefer to use first, not whether or not you are capable of using a certain preference.

The uniqueness of the MBTI assessment is that it groups you by Type, not by Trait. It does not tell you how good or well developed you are at using Extraversion or Introversion. It simply tells you that you prefer to use one over the other.

As always, thank you for reading and for your support!

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