Extraverted Thinking and Success

Is (Extraverted Thinking) Te, what makes people successful?


I’m going to use my Introverted Intuition (Ni) to try and link a couple of ideas I’ve had together and hopefully, by the end of this, it’ll make sense to you.

For those that understand the cognitive functions that we all possess, we possess eight of them. Most of the time, we focus on the top four. And that’s what I want to talk about.

Now within those eight, there’s one that in society as it exists today, I believe is the most important to great success–like getting to the top of a corporation or getting to the top of your field

That is “Te” which is Extraverted Thinking. Extraverted Thinking can be defined many different ways.

Sometimes it’s defined as Effectiveness. I like to call it purely Action.

Now, what Te does is it uses the external world and says,

  • “How much time is it going to take?”
  • “How much money is it going to take?”
  • “Do I have the skills, and if not, can I get the people have the skills to do it?”

And then going forward.

If you look at ISTJ’s, INTJ’s, ESTJ’s and ENTJ’s, you’ll see that disproportionately they’re at the top of most hierarchies in Corporate America.

I find that interesting. Why is that?

I look and I see within the top two functions… Extraverted Thinking and I say, “I wonder if that is the thing that, when motivational speakers are talking–when you have Gary V or Dr. Eric Thomas or Tony Robbins–when they talk about taking action, what they’re really saying is “(use) Extraverted Thinking.”

And some people don’t have Extraverted Thinking as a main resource their brain uses to get things done. So my conclusion here is: it’s almost like I’m asking,

“Do we think that Extraverted Thinking is the actual function that creates success in the world that we’ve created today?”

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